In the e-commerce industry where many people are doing the same thing, selling the same thing and customers have countless options at their fingertips, the delivery experience of your business can become the defining factor in determining purchase decisions, customer loyalty and retention. It is no longer about just offering a great product, it is ensuring that the product reaches the customer in a manner that is fast, reliable and seamless. Here is why the delivery experience is essential and how it can affect customer purchase decisions and loyalty.

Speed of delivery

How long the delivery takes plays a pivotal role in repeat purchases, customer satisfaction and retention. Studies have shown online shopping to be therapeutic, according to the Journal of Consumer Psychology (2014), people instantly feel happier after making a purchase online. As a business owner, it is essential to maintain that happiness from checkout to order to delivery, by ensuring fast and seamless delivery. 

A survey by Temando found that 80% of shoppers want same-day shipping, while 61% want their packages within 1-3 hours of placing an order and only 20% offer that option. Thankfully, with the Shipbubble hyperlocal delivery feature, offering same-day delivery within 60 minutes, meets this demand, ensuring customers receive their products almost instantly. This level of service can dramatically increase customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat purchases.


Effective communication throughout the delivery process is essential to elevate the delivery experience. Providing customers with real-time tracking updates about their order status, including estimated delivery times helps to keep customers informed and have a positive experience. Communication is so important for customers and a report has shown that 80% of online shoppers want regular communication regarding their order status. Transparent communication helps manage customer expectations, and reduces anxiety and complaints like ‘Where is my order?’. Businesses that use Shipbubble benefit from automated real-time tracking updates immediately after an order is placed, ensuring customers are always in the loop; and improving the overall shopping experience of a customer.

Cost of delivery 

While speed and communication are important, the cost of delivery plays a huge role in enhancing the delivery experience. You might have a good product, offer same-day delivery, and provide tracking information if the cost of delivery is too high, customers will rethink their purchase decisions. Research done just last year shows that 49% of online shoppers abandon their purchases due to high delivery costs, so if your customer has not gotten back to you concerning their order, this may be why. As a business owner, your customer's best interests should come first, which includes saving costs for them by offering cheaper delivery options while also maintaining fast and reliable delivery services. Shipbubble’s hyperlocal delivery service, for instance, provides same-day delivery for as low as N1,800 within the same city. Offering customers fast and affordable delivery options enhances the delivery experience, as well as influences repeat purchases, customer loyalty and retention.

Personalized delivery experience

Going the extra mile and personalizing a customer's order makes them feel valued and appreciated, simple gestures like handwritten thank you notes, or customized messages show that your business values the customer as an individual, not just another random order number. If the customer has specific notes about the delivery and their preferences, remembering to follow through or make adjustments for their needs makes them feel listened to, leaving a lasting positive impression and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. Personalizing the delivery experience shows a commitment to customer satisfaction and can significantly impact long-term business success by fostering loyalty and advocacy among customers. It's not just about the product; it's about the entire experience from purchase to delivery.

Bottom line: Delivery experience as a competitive advantage

In the increasingly saturated e-commerce industry where customers are spoilt for choice, the quality of your delivery experience can make your business head and shoulders above the competition. Businesses offering fast, affordable, seamless and customer-centric delivery services are more likely to attract customers, increasing loyalty and retention. 

For businesses looking to improve their delivery experience, letting Shipbubble handle your delivery operations is the best option. With a focus on hyper-local delivery, your customers get fast, same-day delivery (in 60 minutes within the same city) with tracking information, all for as low as N1,800.

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