March, as the name implies, was really a month of marching forward. Before we dive into the present, we’re curious: How was the month for you? Were you able to achieve your Q1 goals? If you were able to, congratulations! If you weren’t, don’t worry; the year is not over, and April presents a fresh opportunity. 

For us at Shipbubble, it was an eventful month. From celebrating IWD 2024 to starting new and exciting initiatives, March was definitely one for the books. Let’s do a quick recap.

IWD 2024

International Women’s Day 2024’s theme was ‘Inspire Inclusion'. Did you know that only 39% of businesses in Nigeria are owned by women? Our determination to raise this figure to 50% and advocate for equal opportunities in the e-commerce sector led us to the first edition of the Shipbubble Women’s Workshop.

Shipbubble Women's Workshop 2024

Shipbubble Women’s Workshop 

The Shipbubble Annual Women’s Workshop held its first edition on Friday, March 29, 2024, and the theme was ‘Empowering women to become better entrepreneurs’. We had three (3) amazing women who are industry experts speak on different interesting topics. 

  • Seun Alley, the CEO and co-founder of Fez Delivery, spoke on how to build a customer-centric business.
  • Tarebi Alebiosu, the CEO and Founder of QShop, spoke on balancing business and personal interests
  • Enirukome Esieboma, Finance Lead at Bumpa, spoke on separating personal finances from business finances.

Apart from that, three (3) lucky women won FREE shipping vouchers on Shipbubble; check that out here

It was a very interesting, enlightening, and interactive event. If you missed this year’s, make sure you don’t miss next year’s event. 

Amanda Etuk and Jordan Ajibola

Chasing Commerce with Jordan ft. Amanda Etuk

From Pharmacy to Logistics, on this interesting episode of Chasing Commerce With Jordan, Amanda Etuk shares the story of resilience, innovation, and passion that led to the success of Messenger. Read all about Amanda’s story here 

3 Tips to improve customer satisfaction

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

From checkout to doorstep, your business should be committed to exceeding expectations. It’s not just about the sale; it’s about building lasting connections with your customers.

Here are 3 tips that can help elevate your customer's post-purchase experience. Click here to watch. 

Shipbubble Developer Community

Shipbubble Developer Community

This community is for developers who want to join Shipbubble in spearheading the next phase of automated logistics in the e-commerce industry in Africa. Join the community

Shipbubble community

Join our Community of Bubblin’ Entrepreneurs

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share insights, get access to educational materials, and stay updated on the latest trends in our vibrant Telegram community. Join us as we build a network of Bubblin' minds committed to success. Join the community

Prosperity Paradox: How Innovations Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty

Read to succeed 

“The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty” by Clayton M. Christensen, Efosa Ojomo and Karen Dillon 

This month’s read highlights how innovation, particularly market-creating innovation, can drive sustainable economic growth in developing nations by creating products and services that address the needs of undeserved populations. It is a must-read for start-up founders, investors, entrepreneurs, and anybody looking to make a change in their society. Buy here 

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Stay well, stay inspired, and we’ll catch up with you in the next one! 

Happy Bubblin’, See you in April! 

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