February came and went with a blast. The month was filled with lots of love, red, and gifts. How did this month treat you? Were you able to smash your goals in February? If not, don’t worry; this next month presents a fresh opportunity.

As for us at Shipbubble, we were booked and busy, so let’s do a quick recap of what we were up to this month, shall we?

February valentine

The Shipbubble-Bumpa partnership

The beautiful relationship between Shipbubble and Bumpa is one you should take advantage of if you haven't. Also, we understand that you might have questions on how best to take advantage of this partnership to grow your business. We have answered some of these FAQs for you. Click here to learn more

If you have  questions, feel free to send us a DM @Shipbubble or send us an email hello@shipbubble.com

Seun Alley and Jordan Ajibola

Chasing Commerce With Jordan ft Seun Alley

In this captivating episode, Seun Alley, CEO and co-founder of Fez Delivery, shares her incredible journey from the banking sector to spearheading Fez's growth. Learn more about Seun's leadership, Fez's commitment to the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria. Read here

Glow County Testimonial

From struggling to make deliveries to her business growing by 40% in 1 year. Nike Olaoye, CEO of Glow County, shares the story of how Shipbubble helped her business grow. Watch here

Shipbubble community

Join our Community of Bubblin’ Entrepreneurs

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share insights, get access to educational materials, and stay updated on the latest trends in our vibrant Telegram community. Join us as we build a network of Bubblin' minds committed to success. Join the community 

mindset:the new psychology of success

Read to Succeed

"Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Carol S. Dweck

This month's read takes us on a journey into the "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success" by Carol S. Dweck. The book explores how different mindsets shape various aspects of life, including education, relationships, and leadership. Buy Here

Joy (2015)

Film Flick

Joy (2015)

"Joy" is a biographical film that tells the inspiring and uplifting story of Joy, a divorced mother of two, who invents the Miracle Mop and becomes a successful entrepreneur. The movie explores several themes on entrepreneurship, innovation, resilience, perseverance, self discovery and much more. Watch trailer

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Stay well, stay inspired and we’ll catch up with you in the next one! 

Happy Bubblin’, See you in March! 

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