We know you have questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our partnership with Bumpa.

How do I connect my Bumpa account to Shipbubble?

  1. Visit getbumpa.com via desktop and copy your API key
  2. Visit shipbubble.com, signup and login
  3. On the left, click on Web stores >> Stores 
  4. Select Bumpa, paste your API key and connect

Click here for the full guide

How do I fulfil my Bumpa orders on Shipbubble?

Your Bumpa orders automatically sync to your Shipbubble account when connected. For your next Bumpa order,

  • Log in to your Shipbubble account.
  • On your dashboard, click on Web Stores >> Orders.
  • For the order you want to fulfil, scroll to the right and click on Create shipment.
  • Select your preferred courier service, then click on Book Now and make payment.

How do I find delivery prices on Shipbubble?

While creating your Shipment, you will have entered the pickup and delivery addresses and other important information. You will then be presented with an array of delivery partner options. This will include the pricing for each courier and how long it will take them to pick up and deliver your order.

The choice is all yours.

How does the rider from a logistics company know where to pick up and where to deliver?

We send all the information to the logistics companies for pick-up and delivery based on the information provided by the merchant.

Let us know any more questions you have, and we'll be happy to answer!

For additional information and resources on setting up your Shipbubble account, click here.

Should you require assistance, feel free to reach out to us at hello@shipbubble.com or connect with us on X/Twitter and Instagram @shipbubble.