As we set sail into the promising waters of 2024, we want to express our gratitude for the incredible journey we shared in 2023. With your unwavering support, Shipbubble achieved remarkable milestones, and we are thrilled to embark on yet another year of innovation and growth. Stay tuned for the exciting developments we have in store!

Shipbubble Chronicles: Navigating Success in 2024

Since our last update in December, Shipbubble has been making waves.

  • Our CEO, Jordan Ajibola, shared insights into Shipbubble's journey and the benefits of the accelerator program in a compelling interview with Startup Wise Guys. Dive into the conversation here.
  • We continued to amplify the Shipbubble mission through a feature on Frontpage Africa, a platform spotlighting stories, ideas, and products from the African creator community. Explore the full feature here.
  • In our commitment to empowering businesses, we proudly launched Ecommas Academy on our social media. Check out our latest episode here, where we share 5 valuable tips to grow your business in 2024.

Our Partnership with Bumpa

Last December, we announced our partnership with the e-commerce platform, Bumpa!

You’ve had quite a few questions about how the partnership works, and we’ve answered them all here. Let us know if you have any more questions; we’re here to help.

Join our Community of Bubblin' Entrepreneurs

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, access educational resources, and stay updated on industry trends by joining our vibrant Telegram community. Let's continue building a network of Bubblin' minds committed to mutual success. Join us here.

Read to Succeed: "The $100 Startup" by Chris Guillebeau
Embark on a literary journey this year with "The $100 Startup." This guide distils entrepreneurship principles into actionable steps, sharing inspiring stories of individuals who launched successful ventures from scratch with minimal investment. 

Film Flick: "The Social Network" (2010)
"The Social Network" delves into the relationships and conflicts between the co-founders of Facebook, exploring themes of friendship, ambition, and ethical challenges in the world of technology and social media.

We're thrilled to share these updates with you and can't wait to see what lies ahead. Stay well, stay inspired, and we'll catch up with you in the next one!

Happy Bubblin'!

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